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a common ground for humanity

An Invitation to Global Spirituality

Global Spirituality recognizes the ever present ground of being, the absolute, that has always been the center of religious and spiritual search, the source from which the many names of God emerged. It is ever present in each and everyone as a liberating force of love and wisdom that is open for direct experience to all human beings at all times: unconditionally, irrespective of their beliefs in religion or a higher entity.

Global Spirituality is not a new religion, nor does it require membership and conformity. It is an evolutionary dynamism emerging in human consciousness, an integrative power with the capacity to join humans in a global family.

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Ken Wilber on Divine Pride

 A powerful message on trans-confessional spirituality that was filmed about a year ago at a live event at the Boulder Integral center.

Ken Wilber on Divine Pride

Whoever may have a problem with "Divine Pride" may think about being "Rooted in the absolute".


See the video here: Ken Wilber on Divine Pride